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Book Launch at St Joseph's School 2023

Book Launch at St Joseph’s School 2023 ❤️🐓📘 

The Bush Tale of Miss Hen is the second book in the Outback Bush Buddies collection. Sarah launched her latest book at St Joseph’s School in her hometown of Southern Cross, rural Western Australia on 7th December 2023.

The school principal Mr Bob Grant introduced Sarah to the staff and students and members of the community who attended the book launch. Sarah then read ‘The Bush Tale of Miss Hen’ and enjoyed finally getting to share Miss Hen’s story. She described the launch as “The best day!”. After the reading of the story, the children were all treated to a cookie that had the cover of the ‘Miss Hen’ book printed on it. Copies of the new book (as well as a few copies of the first book) were sold to staff and members of the community, after the reading.

Sarah regularly volunteers at St Joseph’s School where she helps with administrative tasks such as photocopying, cutting and laminating resources for staff, sorting books in the library and recording audio files . She was thrilled to be invited by the school earlier in the year, to read her first book ‘The Bush Tale of Timmy Lamb’ to staff, students and members of the community.

You can purchase a copy of The Bush Tale of Miss Hen through the Shop on this site. All proceeds go back into producing the next book in the Outback Bush Buddies series.

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