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Christmas 2022 in Southern Cross

We had a very enjoyable Christmas 2022, at home on our farm in Southern Cross. Aunties, Uncles and Cousins came from Perth and Kalgoorlie. There were family coming and going, staying from Christmas Eve through to New Year. My Grandma lives on our farm. Christmas lunch and dinner was at her house this year. All the families made and took food to share. The food was spread out on Grandma's dining room table. Everyone helped themselves and despite it being 37 degrees, we were all able to sit outside under Grandma's patio as my dad set up an old air conditioning unit on the lawn. We ate, talked, laughed, ate some more and enjoyed being together. We did it all over again on Boxing Day. Then some family left to go back home to Perth and Kalgoorlie, and others came. We then hosted dinners at our home, up until New Year.

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year. I love choosing and buying gifts for family and friends. I have been decorating our Christmas Tree and putting up all the Christmas decorations around the house, for many years now. I really enjoy setting everything up. It is wonderful to give, and also a lot of fun to receive gifts. I have been giving my Mum Christmas gift wish lists since I was very young. I also take photos of things I see in the shops and screen shot pictures of things from the internet. I send these pictures to my Mum. She says this makes her shopping for me much easier, as she knows what I want.

Leading up to Christmas I always like to watch the movie 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'. It was released in 2000 and is my favourite Christmas movie. I like the actor Jim Carrey who plays The Grinch. He is one of my favourite actors. The Grinch and Max the Dog are my favourite characters. I know the Grinch likes to behave meanly, but he can also be loving and sweet. The movie is funny and always makes me laugh! It is nice to have Christmas traditions like watching the same movie every year. And I love Christmas because it is a time when our family get together.

Christmas biscuits I made and took in to share for morning tea, with staff at The Shire of Yilgarn.
The Grinch at our local Post Office in Southern Cross
First Christmas Gifts as Aunty Sarah
Our favourite Salad - Greek Salad
A trifle my Mum made for Christmas lunch.
The night sky from Grandma’s backyard on Boxing Day
Dad set up an old air conditioner on Grandma’s lawn. It kept us cool!
Christmas is better when Cousins come to the farm 🎄🥰 Missing are my brother Sean, Jazmine and my niece Amina who were in Brisbane for Christmas
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